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  • This article is confined to summarizing the philosophical or scientific arguments for, and objections to, the doctrine of the persistence of the human soul after death.

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  • When Cardinal Duprat convened his Synod of Paris in 1528 to discuss the new religion, Clichtove was summoned and was entrusted with the task of collecting and summarizing the objections to the Lutheran doctrine.

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  • Dean spent most of the evening flipping through TV channels, but as none of the inane programs held even minimal inter­est, he took out his voice recorder and began summarizing his notes for the detailed report on Jeffrey Byrne, adding as much minutia as he could muster, as Cynthia Byrne had requested.

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  • Phil Reeve gave a presentation summarizing the history of the site and the remediation undertaken thus far.

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  • In some families, it's a tradition to include a letter summarizing the year's activities with your Christmas card.

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